What does stand for? was created as a unique marketplace for all artists to showcase and sell their artwork in the form of an NFT on cardano – block chain platform.

What makes unique? focuses on making it easier than with other marketplaces to purchase quality artwork NFTs on the cardano blockchain. We guarantee every successful transaction.

What does do differently? curates the top digital artists of our time. Their work is sold exclusively here. It is only minted once it has been purchased.

Will you allow re-sale?

Yes. At this time we do not, but it is coming very soon.

Will you offer a standard cardano NFT marketplace to sell any NFT?

Yes. At this time we do not, but it is coming very soon. We will be separating the standard marketplace from the curated artists that we showcase.

In this tutorial we'll show you how to quickly get started uploading your artwork on our secure platform.

1. Register Your Account

2. Set up E-Wallet

3. Verify your Identity

4. Upload Artwork!

Detailed PDF Instructions

1.)Register Your Account With Us:


2.)Set up You E-Wallet:

Click on Your Profile Image, then scroll to Wallets

Connect to our supported wallets: Yoroi, Nami, Daedalus or Eternl to collect funds and/or sell your NFT art online.

Nami or Yoroi e-wallets selected in your browser: a link will show up easily add your wallet. Otherwise add your receiving address from your wallet here and click submit.

3.) Verify Your Identity By Your Own Account Sending Some ADA:

Verify your receiving address by sending a little bit of ADA from yourself to yourself. This amount is random amount and anywhere between 1 and 2 ADA. Please click on the verify link on your address (if the button says show, your address is already verified)

Next you should see this POP UP screen with DETIALS of the block chain and instructions.

Once you have sent the ADA to your DIGITAL WALLET address from any address including the same wallet CLICK the button that says “CLICK HERE” and it will periodically check to make sure that the transaciton went through and once it sees that exact amount of ADA it will verify your wallet.

Once your DIGITAL WALLET is verified, it is time to set up your USER PROFILE!

4.) Upload Your Art Work!

Click on the dashboard link to go to your dashboard

You should first add a gallery. Your artwork will be seperated into galleries that you have decided. A gallery can be whatever you want, it is a collection of similar artworks and you can have many galleries and artwork under each gallery.

Once you have added a gallery, go back to your dashboard and Add media.

You will then come to this screen:

Here you may upload your file by dragging it into the box.

* Your media item must be under 100 mb.

To better sort your art work provide a title and description. select the gallery to add it to.

Feel free ADD as many of artwork you want to feature and sell on our marketplace.


Adding comma delimited list of keywords to make your art discoverable. You may add any artwork that you want without a gallery if you like, it will not show up in the search engine for sale if you do not add it to a gallery.

Once your gallery of art is uploaded your are READY FOR SALE ON OUR MARKETPLACE!

What is a blockchain?

SSome clever people developed a new type of technology originally intended to timestamp digital documents. It evolved into a decentralized database, shared among computer networks forming linked blocks that hold specific data.

What is digital currency?

The term "digital currency" refers to money that is exclusively available in digital or electronic form usually issued by a bank and regulated by a country’s monetary governance system/office.

What is a cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is simply a virtual or digital currency which allows for secure payments online through the use of coins/tokens.

What is an exchange?

A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform designed to facilitate the trading of cryptocurrencies with other assets.

What is a wallet?

The software or hardware that contains information about your coins/tokens.

What is mining?

A process whereby blockchain transactions are verified by solving complicated mathematical problems using high-performance computers. In most cases a mining pool is established to maximise profitability by combining resources and hashing more coins.

What is staking?

A group of like-minded people came together to pool their crypto resources with the intention of earning rewards by minimising fraud and errors in the blockchain.

What is Cardano?

Cardano is an open source, decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency project, founded in 2015 by Charles Hoskinson. The first of its kind to evolve out of a scientific philosophy and a research-first driven approach. Its founders envisioned a solution that would be scalable, secure and sustainable as a blockchain platform for the global public. These principles ensure that the blockchain can operate without interference from third parties or any central organization while delivering high throughput with low latency.

Who is Cardano?

Cardano has been working on different technologies such as side chains, parallel processing, smart contracts and delegated proof-of-stake. It also has a fair governance system that will involve voting by community members and the ability to create proposals for further development. It launched its own cryptocurrency called ADA, which can be used for sending and receiving digital funds in the form of tokens on the network. The cryptocurrency uses a proof of stake (POS) consensus algorithm, which means that it will produce more coins when you hold ADA tokens in your wallet.

Where is Cardano?

The system also offers a savings wallet for ADA tokens called Daedalus. Other wallets can also be used depending on your own personal preferences for security or ease of use e.g. Nami, Yoroi, Coinbase. Most wallets integrate the best cryptography in order to protect your assets at all times. The platform can also be used for trading the currency on public exchanges, which are regulated by Coinmarketcap, Poloniex, Bittrex, Coinbase, Libertex etc.

Why is Cardano?

Cryptocurrencies based on proof-of-work technologies make use of enormous amounts of electricity to maintain their network. All nodes in the network race towards solving a cryptographic puzzle, thus the higher your hash rate is, the higher your chance of getting the block reward. Due to the proof-of-stake technologies being implemented, Cardano is considered to be more environmentally friendly because of the selection method used to choose each validator.

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